Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Petrodollar, Overunity and the Event

Nixon has decoupled US Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 and this has opened the way for Kissinger to create the petrodollar. This system has been working effortlessly to support the Cabal for many decades but now we are entering a period of tectonic geopolitical changes which old Cabal strategists such as Kissinger will be unable to handle. 
The Eastern Alliance is now working full speed to accelerate the end of petrodollar system:
When Cabalists react, people from the Eastern Alliance kindly advise them to relax and do some yoga:
Eastern Alliance will not build the new financial system on oil, but will back it up with gold instead.
Current release of overunity free energy devices will accelerate the disintegration of petrodollar system. High level officials of BRICS nations are actively supporting the introduction of free energy to humanity and will adjust the development of the new financial system accordingly, so petroyuan as the basis of the new financial system is not an option. 
Petrodollar system was only working because the Negative Military was supporting it with US military expansionism:
There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:
It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:


The Chimera group has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact:


They are in contact with the main Archon and are heavily linked to the Jesuits and the NSA. They successfully infiltrated their agents in groups such as Corteum and the Labyrinth group. 
Through the main Archon, they have limited access to the Archons on the etheric plane. Those etheric Archons enforce soul agreements on the members of the Cabal, forcing them to obey the Chimera group. If a certain member of the Cabal is removed, the etheric Archons simply find another host and enforce binding soul agreement upon him. 

In the past, a certain positive group has engaged long range shooters to remove certain members of the Cabal and they were not successful, because those Cabal members simply returned to the physical plane in a new cloned body which was already prepared for them in a military base under surveillance of the Chimera group. After 2004 all those clones have been destroyed by the Resistance and now long range shooters of the aforementioned positive group would be much more successful in eliminating individual members of the Cabal and no amount of Blackwater/Academi bodyguards would be able to protect them.
The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.
They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed. 
There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide. 
Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds: 
When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event.


  1. Cobra,

    Why not use Stardust 2 instead of long range shooters to take out the cabal?

    Do you know what has happened to the people aboard MH Flight 370?

    1. Strangelet bombs are still protecting the Cabal

    2. @Cobra

      In http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/01/fall-of-archons-update.html you had posted :

      All these families are losing power rapidly and the Cabal is losing support that was covering their backs for
      centuries. Besides that, the Cabal is now worried about this:
      This is the reason many people within the Cabal structure are preparing for the end of the current
      civilization and building shelters. All high level intel about Galactic Center activity, especially in the March
      to May timeframe, must remain classified for now.

      Will G2 disable the exotic weaponry ?

    3. The passage of G2 close to Galactic Center will not trigger a Galactic Tsunami nor a global coastal event
      as some people are afraid. There is no »hot Jupiter« star within that cloud so no Galactic Superwave event
      will be triggered. Anyway, the Galactic Confederation has shielding technology which can protect the
      ecosystem on the surface of this planet and also to stabilize the tectonic plates. So there will be no
      drastic cataclysm happening. But definitely strong energies will be present which will mercilessly continue
      to wipe out all darkness until the last Reptilian is gone.


      Wish you can declassify this now ! Especially how exactly it affects the remaining Archons.

  2. So i now totally understand why am i feeling sometimes very strange things when i want to make some changes in my environment...

    In the past days when i tried to meditate i sawed strange indescribable things. Some kind of non-human looking things to do something with me (Like look at me or turn around me etc...). But i hadn't experienced any physical or psychological anomalies. As somehow i got a thought that's is not my thought or thought form. I mean if i just wanted to do that to inform about the reality what is here in my country. (I am from Hungary.) I get this things...

    I hope this stupid things will be erased soon because i very boring it...

    Thank you this information Cobra! I try to do something to get better.

    1. Once you notice the thought forms that are not yours and don't belong there, you can use them to see what they want or don't want you to be, feel and/or behave and then thank them for that perspective. Turn that expirience into a positive one for yourself (and others), thus the actual influence they had on you was a positive one, then meditate to co-create a reality where all they can do is simply influence people in a positive way and not in any negative way anymore, regardless of their intentions.
      Hope I made my message clear cuz I sometimes have dificulties expressing myself in english.
      PS When I say turn that experience into a positive one for "yourself" "and "for others" what I mean is by helping yourself you can also help others.

  3. Then we need to expedite the removal of the remaining Stranglet Bombs before the event~ TEMP is FUGIT

  4. May the Chimera group be defeated swiftly and justly!!!! I ask the Goddess to help me focus love and light towards this cause! Thank you COBRA for the hope you give us!


  5. Gracias Cobra, envio pensamientos positivos y fuertes para cancelar Quimera.

  6. If The Dark Side tried to activate their weapons absolutely *NOTHING* would happen.
    They are bluffing even though they do not even hold any cards any more.
    But that's all right.

    We're gently surfing this Final Wave HOME now
    This is just one example of what is really goin' on_

    Another one is that little-known show of solidarity against The System during a certain entertainemnt show.
    Sunday night at 10:54 PM EST we had over 3 million people in over 100 countries all over the world standing up, pointing their fingers upwards and shouting YES! YES!! YES!!! to show and support that WE are UNITED abd WE will not be denied!

    So if you want to, you can go on feeling scared of them for a few more days. Then it'll become perfetly clear that their weapons are all frauds and fake.
    Just like everything else about them.

    No worries, Override is in progress;-)

    WE THE PEOPLE :-)))


    1. Yes! The bluff was called, then... well all the chips fell... under operation Decompile. :p

      LOL We are laughing all the way to the Bank.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4caG9ZGjY4

  7. Cobra, have the light forces had any success removing the bombs?

  8. interesting, lately, maybe for more than a year now, I have had some breathing problems and some times heart rate accelerations! What I usually do is my pranayama, breath work to calm down the heart rate and mental rate and make the inner connection! Still, it helps to know this information, everytime we raise our awarness and are conscious of things happening in the invisible realm, we tend to be less influenced by it, or not? Anyway, the F... strangelet bombs are a major problem, is there a specific meditation for helping getting rid of them? No wonder it's been such a hard job getting rid of these guys, they really are smart and we should never under-estimate the power of the dark side, like Darth Vader used to say! Maybe we should send them a lot of love, goddes energy, dissolve their little service-to-self-egoistic minds! Yeah, maybe that's it, let's send them all the love we can! "Love your enemy, for there's nothing great in loving just the ones who love you!"I'll give them a kiss and a hug right now if they let go of the planet!!!!

  9. Cobra, is this attack lightworkers new or has it always existed since 1996?
    Does it have anything to do with the ringing ears ppl, myself included, are experiencing?

    1. yes the year 1996 was the turning-point in my life,I had surgery and thereafter ceased to feel a presence of someone who accompanied me until then. is this related to the archon?. for me went away from the matrix.

    2. I've had ringing ears lately.

    3. Strangelet bombs?
      Why does this sound like an impossible obstical to get around? What can we do to help the galactics&rm?

    4. Hello! I have also been experiencing the ringing ears! It happened twice today and I knew immediately as it happened it was from some sort of device and was not natural. Happened twice within 5 minutes.

      Did anyone else have this same experience?

    5. I have heard that ringing in the left ear is from negative entities and ringing in the right ear are positive downloads from positive entities. Does this make sense to you.

  10. ok cobra, but who is the main archon?

  11. "When Cabalists react, people from the Eastern Alliance kindly advise them to relax and do some yoga:"

    LOL, Cobra. We are going to laugh all the way to Heaven.

    1. Yes, that subtle little remark was not lost on me, either!

      That chill out and do yoga comment was hilarious, COBRA. For someone who deals behind the scenes with such profound planetary change and high-level connections to keep your wry sense of humor is refreshing. Thanks COBRA and RM, for all your efforts and for sharing your grounded wisdom.

      The more I digest this material in this post (and thread comments), the more I see how so many of my own belief bubbles are in urgent need of bursting! So thanks for doing so in such a straightforward, non-judgmental and comprehensible manner.

  12. Be a good idea to do some continuous group work towards the Diego Garcia Military Base and the Chimera Group!

  13. Operation Stardust 2 was deployed to checkmate the Cabal if they attempted to deploy Doom 33 (strangelet bombs) per your blog below posted on June 21, 2012. This would seem to be a safer and more effective method to take out the Cabal than “long range shooters.” Why has the strategy changed to “long range shooters” and why isn’t Stardust 2 used to make the job of the positive military easier?

    June 21, 2012: “Operation Stardust 2 was carried out by the Pleiadian Fleet from the orbit of Planet Earth. Stardust is the codename of a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a dust made of small nanoparticles that were sprayed into the physical bodies of the members of the Cabal and their minions (think “cosmic chemtrails”). This nanodust cannot be removed by any technology known on Earth. Its activation has two phases. The first phase blocks the central nervous system immediately and a person cannot move. The second phase kills the person. It will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient. The purpose of the Operation Stardust is to counteract any negative effects of Doom 33 that the Cabal might want to use at that point. In combination with the Positive Military action, this basically checkmates the power of the Cabal. This technology will NOT be activated before the Event. At the Event, the Positive Military and civilian authority will still need to do their part. The purpose of this operation is to make it easier for them.”

    1. Maybe it's due to the "quantum foam anomaly" ;)


      Positive ETs have technology to block the nukes from the distance in most cases. The reason why they
      can not block all of them is quantum foam anomaly on this planet that can sometimes cause their
      advanced technologies to malfunction (remember Roswell UFO crash).

  14. Okay, now I am really confused. I thought that the remaining war needed to be fought on the etheric plane. Cobra had written, "On the physical plane, everything is ready for the Event." Now, I read that there are physical stangelet bombs all over the planet at military bases! That sure doesn't sound like the physical plane is ready for the Event at all. Actually, it sounds really bad- like a standoff that could last decades.

    1. But, you know, to add something else. Something feels very surreal about what Cobra wrote. I read it at work and I was very alarmed, but on my drive home from work I felt that the energy of the world is very positive and very "soft". I can't sense anything bad happening. In other words, I didn't feel like the whole planet is a ticking time bomb about to explode. I don't think that will happen. Somehow, I feel that that this post isn't so much for us ground forces as it is for the Cabal. Cobra is trying to tell them that their time is up...???

  15. Cobra, if the cornered and desperate cabal try to use strangelet bombs to retaliate, will they not die together? How they will flee if the planet earth is surrounded by the forces of light?

  16. Cobra, Thank you very much for everything you do. It helps me keep my sanity. My love around you.

  17. is this the same flight some channeling said was save by the galactic ?

  18. Dear Cobra: "Strangelets" if so heavy, according to the law of vibrations they must have a very low frequency and a very large wave length; its theoretical danger would reside in its probable and fast disintegration; and there are two sides in every phenomenon, that which we consider above "zero" and that above "zero", thus the ideal outcome would be and should be an "implosion" instead of an explosion. BTW these "niceties" by necessity are kept very, very cold, most probably almost at the absolute "zero", then, let us help them to cross the way to the "inferno": To cool them down, or make them vibrate less, would be difficult but to make them denser is much easier, thanks to a chance finding I got in 1963; here it is:(if you have the possibility of testing this and if you consider it, after such testing, a good possibility, do not publish this comment). The method can be described as "applying energy in a pinpointed matrix, where in the points it is generated the impulse to disintegration while the surrounding space opposes this movement, causing, at the end, a general contraction"...which will make them to cross the gate to nowhere.

  19. Cobra my friends from the States located on the Golf of Mexico in the north of Mexico are talking about how there are shots being fired very often and people have been warned not to go outside, this happened before around 2010 in the cartel wars. I think this may be some short of last resort of a group related to the Cabal to spread fear.I tell my friends this would not last long. I have listened to interviews where you mention to be aware of what´s going on in Mexico. Do you know anything about this or am I just overthinking things. There are groups that will be meditating to improve the situation there.

  20. Clearing Earth's etheric plane is a little more complicated that I imagined. Do our meditations for earthly peace, or astrological events, have any play into this situation? LOVE you so...


  21. Why they can't dematerialize those bombs to be moved to other place and being destroy after?

    1. You can "dematerialize" 3d physical objects by definition. It's not common knowledge how to handle ethereal bombs, but I figure the rules may perhaps change.

  22. So the plot of the new movie Captain America Winter Soldier is real.

    1. Yes, the Cabal is extremely interested in high-resolution tracking and "behavioral prediction" technologies, that's obvious, these technologies are essential in the world they created. I've read that "area-specific" behavioral prediction technologies are already used by US police - the amount of patrol forces is changed hourly in accordance with these predictions. Thankfully, "per person" predictions are still a science-fiction for the most part, too many factors to create a good mathematical model. The bad thing the Cabal is now interested in reducing degrees of freedom of citizens to make mathematical models work. That's the true way into Satanic world: reduce degrees of freedom (via standardization and reductionism) and make behavior mathematically predictable. Due to that, devices like Google Glass are very dangerous in a longer perspective as they can put a human into a "reductionist" style of life with a fixed set of options.

    2. (not to mention an obvious thing that Google Glass TRACKS human's behavior every second)

      Add "fitness" measurements (heart rate, oxygenation) to this and you can know everything a human likes or dislikes by comparing them to the camera feed. Google already has algorithms that detect cats well, not much time left before Google can structurize the camera feed and detect anything important in it.

      Then it can suggest you things, then it can predict the rejection rate of the things it suggests and make suggestions even more structurized, by segmenting them into a variety of dimensions.

      And at some point Google will start to TEACH you to make you follow certain highly-predictive models.

      It's a scary world on the horizon. I really hope we get a breakthrough. It is far easier to submit yourself to some sort of cosmic super-intelligence that have not killed you in the first place, and probably created you even, than to invent a pseudo-intelligence which will make you a slave gradually.


  23. It's always something new and some new group holding up the "Event." If there are that many "dark" groups in existence, they should either be easily divided and conquered or we should just throw in the towel. How can all this many dark groups be united in keeping us imprisoned in darkness? Starting to sound extremely fishy to me. Folks, it's really bad energy to give your attention (and energy) to the never-ending stories of the cabal and their impending defeat that will liberate us and force us into a libertarian capitalist economic system which is deeper economic enslavement and more insidious than the crappy fiat debt system we currently have. Instead, focus your energy on positive thoughts and loving ways to actually free humanity from economic and mental enslavement. Cabal-speak and other conspiracy theories serve only to keep your vibration very low. We need to focus on creating a de-growth economic system that frees humanity from being forced to labor for income upon which no one should be dependent for his or her livelihood. A gold/mineral backed currency is simply shifting power from one group of greedy bastards to another group of greedy bastards. Go into your communities (and communities you normally avoid) with love and create something special and let's make our own Event because this one Cobra speaks of ain't ever happening. In case you haven't already figured that out.

    1. I agree. I live in Hungary in a town (not village) and we just started meetings at the weekends, where you can bring your old stuff, books, clothes, etc.. We change our things, or give help to each other for free! There is no money in progress, only kind people who want changes and need help. I mean, it is okey, that you hope all the time, but DO something NOW.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Maverick, I thought of that today: we have to find the balance between being ready but to live in the NOW present moment! If we live in denial and think the Event won't happen and never prepare for it, we might get caught by surprise, but if we keep living for the future and let anxiety or impatience kick in, than we lose the only real moment we have, the NOW! It's a delicate balance, so let's meditate and make our soul conections, because it's hard living in this matrix and who doesn't want to see the fall of Babylon rather sooner than later?

  24. "When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event. "

    How does this relate to the present windows of oppotunity?

  25. As the word Chimera comes from "is a single organism composed of genetically distinct cells." This made me think about the long skulls whose DNA was recently confirmed scientifically as being genetically different than humans. I believe what I read is that interbreeding was not possible between humans and them. This made me think that the cross breeding scientifically between the long skulls and humans could be the foundation for the Chimera. The long skulls have a very high IQ (which does not always mean life smart) and I could see how humans being interbred with them could cause problems and create what we are currently experiencing potentially if lower IQ humans were selected. Any truth to that thought?

  26. Cobra, can you say something about April 15 date, some sources say this is a deadline for the cabal. it is also a 'Blood Moon' which is the moon will appear red - it is seen as a positive event for us-that is- for the cabal its negative event. this is 6 days to go. Could this be the start of Event date? Please comment - thank you- more power to RM!

  27. This explains why I have been feeling emotionally as well as physically unbalanced since mid-December. It is good to know I am not crazy; it is much easier to shrug these inconveniences off if I understand what's going on.

    Cobra, is this technology sometimes used to trigger negative behaviors in those around us? I may be grasping at straws here, but sometimes it feels like those around me may be "on edge" or "unagreeable" to an unnatural degree quite often these days. It would simply be nice to know if this is a common phenomena or more likely to be internal interference.


    1. You are not crazy

      It started for me around winter solstice 2013. It has been building up inside me since then. Now it is very intense a constant companion.

      I feel it!

      Thx to everyone for all their work!

  28. Sounds like RM has hit a snag.... This setback is seriously disturbing.

    COBRA, I thought there is in existence benevolent ET technology that can neutralize all weapons? Maybe I need to go back and read about the stranglet bombs again..but it was extremely unsettling the first time.

    I also have felt agitated and unable to sleep more than 4 hours at a time, have had startled awakenings, have had heart palpitations and until TODAY (well yesterday the 8th) I felt negative and out-of-synch, with many small things suddenly going awry in rapid succession, the kind of annoying minor things that suck time, energy to deal with, and in the process leave one feeling agitated. My ATM card got skimmed, so I had to close it and am unable to access my account. Missing package supposedly delivered, timing off, so missing work offers or schedule conflicts, feeling "held hostage" by transit issues, digestive problems, dealing with cravings, unable to lift myself out of a negative funk, not wanting to be out in nature or hike or walk as much as usual...overindulging my normal dreamy, escapist tendencies, cravings increased. Noticed an increase in city noise such as sirens and helicopters. Fear crept in, and feelings of isolation that I get when there is no work..but this was really hard to shake!

    Anyway I was in it deep, when uddenly, at long last, I was able to drift back to sleep in the morning, this time a bit longer, and when I woke, I felt great today (8th..going to bed soon), consulted an Astrologer, and had an "Aha" moment this morning, felt inspired, had good connections with people and got some new ideas of how to handle some challenges, got work, took action towards some of these things, and I have had positive feedback about my work and had interesting conversations with strangers about metaphysics and planetary change, unexpected positive attention from others (where my tendency is to be somewhat of a loner). It even seemed that people's dogs were smiling at me! :-) Seriously, they were.

    I know all these negative/positive things are small (but not to me) and yet I feel a big shift...forward..if only internally, and it is for me to take it out into the world and enlarge it. I am feeling a high level of inspired compassion and optimism for the first time in weeks, maybe months. Maybe the break in the weather is part of it, Spring fever....but I feel GOOD, but now I am wondering what on Earth can we DO to assist with this dire-sounding situation?

    Nancy Tate channeled GFL who said it is important to immediately send love, light comfort to people and places in distress, as soon as we hear of them, and that this will help lift and change things.

    We have been feeling strongly that The Event is imminent, so I just cannot go back to despair, despite what is implied by this serious news...What can we do to help, COBRA? Thank you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks, Mitchell Tr. James, Not sure why you deleted your comment while I was writing my reply.

      I agree that nutrition, eating right and supplementation are very helpful in giving the body-mind-spirit the boost it needs to cope. I do know a lot about supplements through my own past health issues and research.

      Years ago I had a debilitating case of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, brought on from exposure to black mold hidden in the walls of a cottage Iived in in Mill Valley, CA. My landlord had hired unlicensed contractors who fit pipes metal to plastic with no seals, so water was seeping into the walls for over a year and no one knew until it started to come out under the sink where I stored my cooking pans. By the time it was discovered, I had already moved and was too sick to pursue a lawsuit. I only found out because my friends were still living in the main house and learned of the issue.

      In those days, people were thought to be hypochondriacs by most Doctors, when presenting with such symptoms of pain, sleeplessness and fatigue. I had no health insurance, and took matters into my own hand, using herbs, supplements etc. By chance, (no accidents in life, it was a Godsend!) I came across a book on the topic written by Dr. who had success in treating hundreds of patients with this condition.
      From Fatigued to Fantastic
      by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

      I followed his advice regarding the need for supplements, herbs, melatonin and exercise. (Exercise, I thought! But I am EXHAUSTED!) My entire barely functioning day at its worst was 6 hours. The rest of the time I tried to rest.But I started with 20 minute walks and had to lie down for 2 hours afterward. I moved and started hanging out with a more health-conscious circle of friends, Within 3 months, not only was I able to do elevation hikes in Muir Valley/Muir Woods, I took on a full-time office job that was not as demanding as massage. I often napped after my work day until I got stronger.

      The other key components were a bit of Acupuncture from a co-worker at a health center (before I changed jobs) and the main thing was the MAPS meditation my friend (now known as Shaman Durek from LA) taught me. I later found the book
      MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
      by Machaelle Small Wright.

      I progressively worked on myself in a series of meditations until one day, I felt strong energies leaving my body through my arms, and I felt a deep sense of well-being, knowing I would never again be as sick with this condition. A terrible sinus infection also cleared, never to return. I felt like myself again. It was quite an ordeal, but I had come out the other side intact, while most people were programmed to "live with it" and suffer a poor quality of life.

      BTW, I don't have trouble breathing, I bike and hike. Cumulative falls and bad knee injuries ended my running on trails days.

      Yes, Fish Oil, particularly PCB free high quality Fish Oil with high DHA content (at least 240 mg.) is very beneficial for many conditions.

      Thank you for this opportunity to share my healing success.

    3. @Phoenix Boulay, sorry I deleted my response but when I read it a second time I thought I had gone a bit overboard with all my medical/supplement advice. Instead of saying what worked for me, I wrote my post like EVERYONE should do the same thing I do. That was really stupid of me so I decided to delete it. Anyway, I am glad to hear of your success in overcoming your sickness. I think that the Archons purposefully try to make awakened lightworkers as sick as possible by any means possible. And you have to become your own doctor; do your own research; and do what works for you to bring your health back. Thanks for writing!

    4. No worries, Mitchell Tr. James. I don't think you came across as having gone overboard, though I know sharing my own opinions and stories (and my strong spirit/personality) can overwhelm people at times, I also know some people are helped by it, which is my motivation.

      Besides, there are plenty of strong opinions in these threads, along with a fair share of confusion, much intelligence, and some lighthearted remarks which go a long way to put things in perspective.

  29. Post anterior decia :
    "A partir del 08 de marzo 2014, sólo una última capa de Arcontes etérico y su exótico armamento etérico permanece. La gran mayoría de los reptilianos etéreos se han ido, la mayor parte de sus tecnologías se han ido, no es principalmente un pequeño grupo de Arcontes locos con sus armas etéreas exóticos. Si tienen bombas Strangelet u otra cosa está clara como el Intel sigue retenido por razones de seguridad. Este es el único factor restante que impide que el evento en estos momentos. ¿Cuánto tiempo durará esta última capa es también claro por las mismas razones"

    "Cuando acabe la guerra y la Quimera derrotado, tendremos condiciones perfectas para el evento." .... Entonces ... la última capa arconte etérico, ya esta´resuelta y el problema solamente se reduce al plano fisico ??

  30. Dear Cobra, RM, et all:

    although I may still be just a 'newbie' in all these "truth-seeker" journey,
    yet,.. if I really want this to be really *REAL* happening (and not just merely another fantasy, wishful-thinking, empty hope & dreams..) , then please tell me: what could an ordinary "truth-seeker" (& potential "Starseed") like me have to DO , to really help you guys ?...

    and this is all I would gladly sort of 'sacrificing' myself & my everyday's "real-life/reality" problems/dilemma...! just for the sake of helping you & your team, & to speed up The EVENT ..!

    Very honest, urgent, & serious question... please respond. thank you.

    - from a truth-seeker from Indonesia -

    1. Do the weekly meditation. Spread the word about it also. Build an atmospheric balloon like cobra talked about, that's super important. Other than that, not much, It's not like we can raid cabal controlled bases (Even though I'd love to do that).

      I've seen your posts before and you act just like my wife used to regarding all this, she would just get very depressed when something like a deadline would pass and nothing would happen.

      Her solution was to become completely detached from it. Now she just do the weekly meditation with me and pray everyday for a speedy event but refuses to read anything about it. Maybe you could try that if you feel so affected by it emotionally.

    2. @Neekian, I think you give very good advice. If all of these ups and downs, twists and turns has your stomach in knots, then you should just detach yourself from reading about it. Just trust in the process and let go. Very good advice Neekian!

  31. "When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event. "

    How does this relate to the present windows of oportunity?
    I think that this Wajabi´s question is very important

  32. I feel that we just have to collectively harness the great gifts of opportunity coming our way...this is a very good video that Annamerkaba posted in one of her recent articles:

    Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 - Quantum Potential by Simone M. Matthews

    Anyone can understand this clear, concise explanation of the major planetary change we can expect in April and throughout 2014. Astrology is a useful tool that examines planetary alignments and influences on both the internal and communal level. Mankind is awakening! Change is GOOD! We create any possible future by what we do today in the NOW. Enjoy! ~Phoenix


  33. Thank you Cobra and the Resistance....but just when does the Rabbit Hole end!
    Breathe...and hold the light .
    Victory will be ours...

  34. Stay in our hearts. Hold the Light. Especially for those on the front lines, RM and Liberation Forces. And those impacted most. Which might appear that we are doing nothing, but remember, things are not always as they appear, are they? Previously I had an uneasy feeling when contemplating the Cardinal Grand Cross sandwiched between 2 eclipses...now I see it -and feel it coming...as a Grand Opportunity....These energies are working with us, to facilitate Awakening and Unity. Here's an idea: What if these energies are so strong that they awaken the Cabal members from their programmed responses?...and they, of their own free will, then surrender their weapons and choose the Light?! Picture THAT!

    Andy Bojarski says there is no us and them, no one will be left behind

    Here is the Nancy Tate Galactic (Con)Federation of Light link:

    The Anna Merkaba link is here:

    These things don't always make sense to me or completely resonate, but sometimes they do sink in later, and I have an Aha! moment, as I also did watching the Simone Matthews video.

    Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 - Quantum Potential by Simone Matthews

    Envision the stranglet bombs safely disintegrating, disarmed, disempowered.
    Poof! Be Gone! You have no Power here!

    See We the People as awakening, joining together, persevering and taking inspired action, for the good of All.

    Victory of the Light! And So, It IS.

  35. Cobra,
    Is this secret war going in our favour at the moment? Can the cabal delay the event inevitably? Thanks to you and the RM. May our victory be swift!

    1. It is the Event that is inevitable, not the other way around. Everyday there is progress being made, until the goal will be reached.

  36. Hello cobra,
    So according to you flight 370 was hijacked.
    Well, here is a website you often refer to which, in a channeled message from higher realm holds a different perspective.goldenageofgaia.com/2014/04/03/matthews-message-featuring-ashtar-via-suzy-ward-april-2-2014/
    But then, what is the truth?

    1. Cobra said, intel sites can contain disinfo too. Use your discernment. Second, channelled messages can be interferred with by Archons.

    2. I read Matthew's messages and i used to trust them, but the last 2 messages (and some older ones) were hijacked. My gut told me this right away.

  37. When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event.

    So the etheric plane has been fully cleared? We can feel the atmosphere being purified. My daily walks are getting more and more blissful.

    Christianity is a cult that enslaved Europe? Many people won't like this, but yes, the organizations behave like a cult (not speaking about the followers, many of them are sincere). This is another reason not to blindly follow anyone (not even the RM).

    Good hunting.

    1. It´s somewhat unclear with the plasma devices and the etheric plane as plasma connects the physical and etherical planes. It´s not strictly against what Cobra stated before, but as we have no really idea of the true reality and physics most likely we simple don´t understand yet.

      Regarding christianity, read Fulfords latest update and the one preceding that.

    2. The Archons wiped out the original teachings of Christ by killing all the true followers and burning all their books. Then they turned Christianity into a cult to enslave the people. This was necessary because the original teachings of Christ were setting people free.

  38. The chemtrails are very bad again today including a chem-fog ! :( Even Russia allows this monstrous program for heavens sake?? :( Until it stops completely I just can't FEEL like we're winning! Everyone is getting so sick just now because of them and in some cases dying from a result of them especially the man-made fogs which contain nano-bots as well as the usual poisons. I can taste it, smell it and even see the negative energy coming off anywhere it's settled. If only I could demonstrate this to people they would have a shock!



    1. What IS blood moon, physically? How it be can predicted? What paints it red? This "blood moon" theme looks like a psyop born not so long ago on the Internet, with photos probably simply photo-shopped. Then it's usually tied to some Jewish holidays and past wars. All this sounds like a pre-conditioning or warning psyop. I ask myself, what for? All kinds of religions are losing their position big time last dozen of years, that's statistically supported fact. These psyops may be used to increase "credibility" of the religious dogma. The bad thing here is the visible tandem of religion and war machine. Use Internet Archive https://archive.org/ or sometimes Google's cache to really know when the information first appeared on the web (of course, I assume this archive keeps web site scan dates intact - it does so for my own sites, but this may not be true for all sites).

  41. ''It's always something new and some new group holding up the "Event''.

    Yes, I'm afraid that we are gonna wait and wait for the event for years and years, even decades. This is not good, for the first time I'm reading this new Cobra post and I can see that something is not good. I think we are gonna wait and wait for so called event (if the event is even a real thing).

    by the way this is an interesting movie, they are also mentioning Cobra in this movie;


  42. I think we have over estimated the intelligence of the Cabal, as we usually do when thinking other parties as normal people as we: They are not. As long as somebody seeks for power it is because he/she feels him/her self being feeble. Cabal members always have behaved as Cancer cells infesting a host body: They are so "intelligent" that if they "succeed" its host dies and they along with it. A healthy environment will make them powerless.

  43. Cobra please answer: Will there be a sudden burst of real information coming up in the media at pre-event times or only after the event?

    1. My feeling is after the event. My feeling is also the event will happen within the window of opportunity. That means at latest 17th of May.

      In fact it´s up to the positive military to let it happen. When they succeeded with their war against this group: go for it !

  44. Sounds like an interesting situation not sure how id handle it. A dog backed into a corner holding a nuke. im guessing this isnt gonna be a quick fix. my best wishes to the the RM.

  45. I sense a COBRA update being in the making - LOL.
    May the force be with you Co.bra.

    1. there was one on 4/8/14 -
      Here is the link to the audio file.
      It sounds important everyone:


  46. The Chimera (/kɨˈmɪərə/ or /kaɪˈmɪərə/, also Chimaera, Chimæra; Greek: Χίμαιρα, Chímaira) was, according to Greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of three animals – a lion, a snake and a goat. Usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat arising from its back, and a tail that ended in a snake's head,[1] the Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and a sibling of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.
    The term chimera has come to describe any mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals, or to describe anything composed of very disparate parts, or perceived as wildly imaginative or implausible.
    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimera_(mythology)

  47. Interesting story about the Chimera. Sony Playstation 3 had its "Resistance" game. Which was based on an alien invasion of "reptile, insecticides and humanoid type beings"...

  48. Does anybody know where to find the transcript interview Alexandra made to cobra yesterday? i remember a month ago, i found it even that same day. Now, is nowhere..

  49. I think if Cobra was able to tell us all we know now about what it takes to be FREE, then I think we would have been very overwhelmed (& I might have been one of those overwhelmed Light Workers). We've been enslaved for 13,000 years and the RM and other brave souls have been making progress at lightning speed to help FREE Earth (and many sacrificing their lives to get where we are today), so feeling letdown now won't be helpful.....We are Light Warriors and need to hold the light and know in our hearts that the Victory will happen when all the obstacles have been removed from the Path of Victory....So let's Light the Path and stay focused on our missions!

  50. I will not be swapping one controller for another! Let us all be aware...

  51. Here's something to help us picture out how the global meditations affect the planet, and how the implants and all the ankle biters paraphernalia affects our Beings:


  52. Yes, we all are tired, but we also have each other.
    It would be very positive if we could create a group for “virtual meetings” with the people from this blog, because we understand each other and go through the same hardships.
    Let’s start with a chatting software called: Raidcall! It is a simple instant messenger that can be used for group and audio chat.


    the group is: cobraresistance
    (No password is required.)

    You can register a new account here:


    We must unite even more now. It’s common knowledge for us that the forces of darkness attacks humanity (specially the awakened ones) from distance with their technological devices. But we also have protection, we are not alone.
    Of course our internal power and will to remain up counts. Nobody except us has the right to decide the courses of our lives. But what i’m saying is that there is spiritual protection for us also. If that was not truth, many famous light workers, like Ben fulford, or david willcock would be dead now. Our spiritual guardians protect us.
    You know what guys, we all are tired of this all! Always when we think the end will come soon, a new shit happens and lower our moral again.
    But one thing is certain. We all know that something is wrong in this world and if we don’t do something, we’ll be defeated.
    Let’s interact more with each other. Make friends, brothers, date, whatever! This will make this waiting less painful, because after all, all we have is each other.
    I’m not talking about something like a facebook group. Something like an instant messenger would be much better, because we can have real time group conversations (even audio if we want). Raidcall is the best option, at least until someone find a better one.
    Whenever we feel “down” (or need any help for whatever reason), we’ll be able to find support and guidance there, and this will create a very powerful network of help and friendship.
    I suggest that people from the resistance movement also join our group (you don’t have to say you are from the resistance). Because it will benefit us all. We are a team, must work together. I suggest even cobra participate on our group conversations whenever his time is free.

    1. Great idea!!!
      I'm already there.

    2. i like the idea perhaps it might inspire us into higher deeds and higher callings i think its time to have a more interactive community where people can openly share their thoughts and ideas experiences and possible solutions to the constant barrage of crap thrown at us.

  53. Jesus believed too that the second coming would come soon, and the Christians are still waiting for it.
    Sorry my friends, but prayers and meditations can't change the world. It needs action.
    I'm wondering how would be USA or France today without the revolution...

  54. Thanks for all the info, Cobra.... Wow...... a lot of heavy stuff here... but... we shall overcome as they say. Look at all that HopeGirl accomplished. Holy cow. If she can do it, so can each of us.........Time to remember to dwell on the positive.....Meditate daily and visualize a beam of light from the center of the earth, straight up through your spine and 7 chakras, through your crown and up to the top of the universe....... In the last few seconds of your meditation, visualize yourself in the middle of a mile-wide bubble of protective white light........Then, close down with two gentle fisted hands, knowing you are protected in this bubble. You'll be good for 24 hours.... Meditate every 24 hours.......The meditation will keep you loving and positive and give you high energy so you don't crack up during stressful times and so you don't react and get pulled around by (these Archon-induced) emotions....... You will tune into yourself and you'll use discernment.... ...... Thoughts are things!! ...... Let's visualize as much energy and love pouring over the planet as we can....................Remember how Cobra said the Archons are allergic to love, especially between a man and a woman? And they're allergic to goddess energy? Seems like we need to Crank up the Love..... Improve all our relationships.... get that Goddess Energy in Action..... We can bathe all these negative spots on the planet (like these strange-bombs - hey, what's that nonsense about??) with love and ... they will dissolve.... Walk in nature, play music, dance, do yoga, laugh, laugh laugh, and love. Let's go for it.

  55. Related to the Latest Cobra Post… “Windows XP support has ended”, as of April 8, 2014

    Posted on 2014/04/08 by kauilapele


    Why is this related to the latest Cobra post? Well, thanks to Ivan, I understand why.

    First off, I had NO idea Windows XP support had ended. And I didn’t care about it… Until now. Here’s the Microsoft message about it.

    Windows XP support has ended As of April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP are no longer available. Don’t let your PC go unprotected.

    Microsoft provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But the time came for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

    As a result, technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft has also stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP…

    April 8, 2014… that’s today… the same date as the latest Cobra post!!

    Now, here is what Ivan messaged to me just a few minutes ago:

    WRT Cobra’s Chi Rho news: Now you also know why “Windows Chi Rho” was called “Windows XP”… and synchronistically too: support for “Windows XP” is now officially over, as is the rule of “Chi Rho” on earth.

    Recall from the Cobra post, speaking of the Chimera group, and the airport… X = χ = chi and P = ρ = rho

    That’s all for this here. Ivan said everything that needs to be said.

    Talk about synchronicity”!!!


    1. I understand what you're saying, but it seems kinda pointless if that is the case.

      Why would microsoft have anything to do with this?

      And the "Chi Rho" are still "running the planet".

    2. @chris: with all due respect, to be honest, anyone could come up with such 'coincidental' explanation/words. human's brain is already well-known to make ALL/MANY kinds of cognitive biases, own assumptions/presuppositions, cognitive dissonance, and all kinds of 'tricks' that, in reality, doesn't mean it's all could be TRUE/real.

      just being perfectly honest, and just for the sake of the real *truth* only.

      - from Indonesia-

    3. Niki,
      I am also being perfectly honest…Co-incidence is one thing but the fact that Bill Gates chose to use the XP insignia of a major archon, satan incarnate Constantine, is quite another...
      Knowledge, research, observation and analysis combined with connection to nature, sunshine, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation, healthy food and clean water, is the anathema to cognitive dissonance. Rewiring neurons, or reconnecting both sides of the brain, the logical and the creative, back into a fully functioning rational mind is a personal process that no one can do for anyone, and the first step is to let go of the ever pervasive doubt, a fear based emotion, I very much sense from you. We all, everyone of us, had to start somewhere and consciously decide to continue with dedication and determination as it is definitely an internal process, sometimes a "battle of wills". Start with baby steps, one day at a time, every day, one baby step at a time, suddenly turns into a huge leap. Stay grounded by finding a way to shift your focus on to something - anything- that is positive, that you know in your heart is true. Don't ALLOW your mind stay focused on 'negative possibilities' that haven't even happened yet! Waking up process is re-discovering the power of the mind, the free will.

      PS. This is a simple technique you may wanna try. It works. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies, with headphones! 10 minutes per day for 10 consecutive days. You can be relaxed or even keep playing loops while using your computer or travelling for instance. The effect is subtle and works on a cellular level. Only listen to something that is soothing and attractive to you. Here's one suggestion


    4. Go Ubuntu, it will bring new life to your old pc.

      From wikipedia:
      It is based on free software and named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu (literally, "human-ness"), which often is translated as "humanity towards others" or "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity"

      Speaking about synchronicity...

  56. Dear Cobra & RM, FYI- for what it is worth, just want you to know, as a parallel support, there is group which holds the blue light in high regard ( as well as sound current, and sing HU) in their hearts and inner vision. These sovereign individuals seek responsible self mastery .There happens to be a seminar April 18-20 at 2 locations in MN. This gathering will
    naturally assist in raising planetary vibrations for the good of all concerned. Just wanted to share that positive thought of support with you.

  57. ....No accountability Nothing... empty words, What happened to "end game"? What happened to "Game Over"? uhhhhh, What happened to the godess wants peace she shall have peace? Its Not over is it? How about the Plane? seems there is this ongoing variable just like religions.....have faith my son, soon you will see....half my family is dead, soon right? Many have lost homes jobs, marriages, their life, their spirit....but soon right? just around the corner right? when the planets line with this & that....soon right? People are tired.....tired of all the fucking bullshit lies.

    have the Cabal told you about the New Secret weapon... Silent but deadly yet? wait til you get a wif of that one its the SBD

    more slide of hands & words of reasons for why Not....same Game, different hook of control

    1. I'm right where you're at.

    2. same here with me ...

      Imagination .vs. Reality ...

      - from Indonesia -

  58. Ok, I have scanned through most of the comments and I cannot see a single one being worried about the Chinese and Russians taking over. Everyone says baaaaaaaaaaad Americans, but sorry, do you know who has the winning palm for killing its own people? The king for genocide on this planet is China and frankly Poohtine is not a choir boy either and I don't recall him showing any mercy to anyone. So, are we going to have to surrender to a whole new set of monsters? I don't see any win in either of them.

    1. Ha ha, right. People want badder and even more badder guys. It's like being a villain became a heroic feat. Perversion of the "hero's journey" plot line. I think those who are asking for Putin's judgement have simply lost their last masculine features, otherwise they would be naturally opposed to Putin.

  59. Here is the April 8 interview with Cobra and Alexandra Meadors.. Click on the link and scroll down a little..... you'll see the area where you click to play the audio.


  60. I for one, especially after reading this post, am going to stop waiting for an event to happen. Instead, I will continue to use my power to create the world I want to live in, through action, intention and meditation. I believe it's up to each of us to truly reclaim our power and it starts with acknowledging we are co creators. Word?

    1. word brother. i also stopped waiting for any event, as i dont think it will happen for the next 6-10 years.
      i know that life will improve, society will get better and better and people oriented, things will get really good, but no events, no out of this world things will happen. at least, we wont see/feel extraordinary things happening, we will just wake up someday living in a great world/society, wondering when it hapened.

    2. @George: and,.. what makes you so sure of all your predictions?... or, is it just simply another mere hope/wishful-thinking only ?..

  61. well - much negative and impaitent comments today I think! BE AWARE not all info here is for us only. In every war there are a huge level of disinfo ect to confuse the enemy. In the end the victory is secured. We just have to be patient and work on ourself by reducing evrything attached to fear. Remember only love exsist and will always survive - no matter.
    The cabal is hanging off the cliff only by the pinkie.
    Some here say the energy is much lighter and I myself can totally agree. I feel good!
    Thank you Cobra and RM for your service to us all . I am very grateful for all that you are doing, cant see you complaining much, and of course this is overall waste of energy. Lets all be positive in our visualizations and mediations.

    Love Siggi

  62. Cobra, was 'Heartbleed' the resistance ' doing, Or just some nifty exploit done by some hackers?

  63. Lately I have seen quite strange visions during my meditations. Last one was that I some kind of huge empty space, there was no sun on ground, but just a shining blue electric grid that swirled around the space. I looked my hands and saw that they were made of blue energy and there was some golden glow swirling aroun them. Then I wanted to go higher and just flew there. Although it is hard to say was it up or down as there really was no gravity present. At that point I felt immense sense of power which slightly made me worried - it was that I felt like superior, almost godlike. This sensation was so strong that it activated my mind and the vision ended.

    My question is: was I floating around the etheric plane or what, and if so what was the blue energetic grid? There were no other creatures around but me. If I was in a some sort of divine aspect of myself, why I felt so superior? And IF I would have such immense powers, how could I use them behalf of RM? I know that I am not originally from Earth, but from somewhere where I was tall blueskinned humanoid - most likely andromeda or orion system. I remember being more like neutral character. Not good nor bad, more like observer of things happening: like analytical scientist wondering why life works the way it does.

    If RM has need for assistance, please contact me.

  64. Dear Cobra and members of RM,
    Under project of Prometheus I wish to propose for programmers of RM to improve free and open source brain wave generator – SBaGen (http://uazu.net/sbagen/) till functionality of commercial brain wave generator BWGen (http://www.bwgen.com) – because it is not a deal when you are paying
    – $40 for a single user-license for personal use only,
    – or $500 for license that covers all kinds of commercial use of BrainWave Generator (Clinical license)
    and you urgently need to make your own presets – because with automatically generated therapy sounds rather you can harm then help for somebody.

    But if you know what are doing and have some skills in sound wave therapy making – you are able to make efficient therapy sounds with longer lasting effect.
    Some hours instead of some ten seconds after you turning therapy sound off.

    This technology can be real alternative for chemical medicine.
    Because it can help for to rid out diseases starting from cold and ending with serious mental dis-balances and dis-balances of bodily functions caused by Dark.

    From my own experience I can tell that it can be way how to rid out effects from plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and mind states.
    In 2000's this technology along with other technologies of alternative medicine saved my life when I was under heavily pressure of Dark and doctors who had Contracts with Dark denied medical aid for me.
    (They came into state of forcible subtle contact with their Masters and received such instructions...)
    Even trying to euthanize me with pneumonia in 2005.

    Of course – this technology can be improved.
    This technology can be turned be silent.
    Instead of loudspeakers and headphones there can be used even smart hand-held subtle emitters – even built from components made by present industry of beginning of 21st century.
    Therefore it will have great future.

  65. Im definitely hanging in there till after easter......
    have faith that its all going to happen for us all
    weve come to far to start to give up....it has to change
    I carnt live this way any longer ....square peg in round hole
    all of our intentions meditations will be having an effect on
    the outcome.....we are powerful people....

    1. it is done already susan. all that's left is the announcement.
      E-stir, you say? (The letter "E" probably dates back to an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of a figure with arms upraised in a praying or calling position).

      Resurrection of Man Sunday, maybe?

  66. I guess this is all false hopes. You see, when this actual mission be completed, there will be more and more others things to do and everyone will say "oh, after this the event will happen and everyone will feel a tsunami of love". And then, another problem appears, and the same reaction, and goes on and on and on.... i guess everyone here will be so old, and world hasnt changed at all. So, my advice is, do the change alone, inside of you. Maybe something will change, maybe not. Well, give it a try, i guess...

    1. no, it doesn't make sense. Because then *why* at the first place you are here following all the posts in this blog? wasn't it because you *believed* at least some that's written here?
      and now, suddenly, you want everyone to simply sort of saying "ok all the posts in this blog might be FALSE, and so, what really matters is just simply change OURselves".

      unfortunately, again, in REALITY, things often don't work as simple as that..
      there's only a FEW & usually very exceptional people who really can "Change the world" , while again, in reality, MOST/many people just live even just scraping by/ in constant survival-mode always everyday, let alone making changes or especially "change the world" !

      Reality is often not as beautiful/hopeful/wonderful as we humans often imagine.. that's the honest, real, & harsh truth.

      - from Indonesia-

  67. Cobra, thank you, I appreciate your report.

    We are making great steady progress on all fronts :)
    Let's pull it together, stay focused and calm, and remember channelled sources that claim to have 'current geo-political intel', are nothing but a distraction.
    Pay attention what is going on with the illegal UN agenda 21 land grab in Nevada where the BLM (federal Bureau of Land Management) mercenaries are trying to incite a false flag while the petrodollar digital banking scam and the IRS, the long arm of the Federal Reserve, are in the midst of their death spiral.
    The ML370 investigation is about to bust the 9/11 truth wide open and the criminal case against the Vatican is well on it's way in Brussels where the Prosecution's evidence now falls into three categories: Institutional Genocide, Child Sacrifice and Ritual Killing, and Child Trafficking. (see Kevin Annett FB and itccs.org)
    Don't tell me nothing's happening, it's all happening right now. Remember we won already! just tidying up the un-godly mess of thousands of years for a smooth transition which everyone can be a participant of in their own way. We all have the same goal - freedom. In unity we raise the resonant frequency - let's power up space ship Gaia!

    1. Ditto to Freia's comment. Now and after the Event, we need to be responsible mature souls . We need to wisely choose where to place our energy and attention. All negative thoughts and feeling are also creating. It is time to BE RESPONSIBLE with thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and actions. And be very grateful to the way showers. Balance humility and power. There have been too many immature souls to deal with. Time to grow up and spiral up. We can assist each other with love and grace, and respecting the individual. It IS happening if we will allow it. Drink in the blessings and become them. We ARE co-creators. This is our Divine Right and Responsibility


    2. beautiful freia.
      the long written script unfolds.

      and it's MH370 (M=13 H=8 so 13+8=21 or 3x7)
      so that is (3x7)(3x7)0 or 7777770 or one 7 shy of 7 7's.
      (7 of course being God's number)
      also turn MH370 upside down and jiggle a bit to get WHOLE.

      and it is all fake, flight and passengers alike (just like 9/11).

      all will be revealed.

      we are back.

    3. "so that is (3x7)(3x7)0 or 7777770 or one 7 shy of 7 7's. also turn MH370 upside down and jiggle a bit to get WHOLE."
      Thanks brother for pointing this out. It gave me a very cool visual reference for something I didn't think of, totally makes sense (big grin).

      (Edie, I don't mean to over-look your comment...I remember what you have posted here before and like what you have to say:)

  68. Respect ,multumiri si toata dragostea pt. munca voastra .Cuvintele nu ajung niciodata. Toata dragostea noasta catre voi .MULTUMESC ! FITI BINECUVANTATI . Creator ne iubeste peste masura !Suntem unul ! Cu respect ,Quadra. Victoria Luminii !!

  69. The above comments are right regarding the following conclusions and I will make them as clear as possible (paraphrasing)

    1. The updates are not only for the ground crew, but the RM and light forces. We can not read too much into it.
    2. Staying positive and continue to create your own reality. Joy. Love. Light. And never stop believing that the change is here.
    3. If you listened to the 4/8/14 interview on galactic connection, it is imperative that we stop paying attention to the distractions of the media. Forget the plane people. stay in the light and read bullet point #2. This is imperative. Change is here and we need to take action on the ground.
    4.from the interview cobra said if you want to see a significant change fast, we need to do it by the millions. My question is, what is everyone doing on their prepareforchange meetup group? Yes, our liberation meditations are raising consciousness to the masses, but one by one. So, maybe we need to utilize our resources. COBRA is telling us all of the answers. there's only so much the RM and LF can do by themselves.
    5.My suggestion, stop feeding the fear monsters. Only look ahead to the light. Remember your contracts and do work!

    Love you all.


    1. You're very right. But it's not easy reaching many people. That's my concern, does this whole process do so much rely on how many people are actually aware and awake? I thought the galactic codex said "each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience etc"
      We are ready, we want this to happen. In my opinion it's not so important whether a thousand or a million people come to the streets. A thousand can represent a million. Also again thank Cobra an RM for the work.
      The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    2. The surface population's inability to get this done in the last few thousand years is why all this is going on... Of the 30% that have/use world wide web, just how many do you think make up a surface population force..?

      How many would we be if our most powerful assets (all the churches of the world) were fighting with us..? every mass from here on in about the Event.

      Ironic how any of the proofs needed to get the churches working with us, are how the Event would seem to be the over-all goal for every church of the world, and why they can't see that.

      That, along with the idea... Did Native Americans have everything they needed to make a living on this planet..? Do we have way more than that now..? So what makes us think we need money at all..?

    3. You're SO right, thank you! This is what I've been trying to tell people.

      What can we do against the big guys? the big guns? the leader of the Archons? NOTHING!

      There are brave warriors in the front lines doing those things for us. The ground crew mission is to SUPPORT THEM, just like a nurse would support a soldier during a war.

      Meditations, spreading awareness, making up groups, these are our missions, our jobs.

      This constant infighting, obsessing over disinfo or irrelevant info (flight) bothers me so much.

      People that could literally be working and making videos to spread mass awareness literally go above and beyond to talk about "whats going on with the flight". I've heard ridiculous claims about it over the past days but I wont mention them here in case someone here believes them.

      The point is that this is just a distraction the cabal distract the mass media with things like the superbowl and mass shootings, and the alternative media gets distracted by things like the missing plane flight.

      Get it together people! There is plenty of info to spread around, but things about the missing flight is NOT one of them.

      I am really sorry for the victims and I do hope that they're alive. But it just makes me mad that this thing is burying every other news out there in the alt media.

      Remember: Just because its in the alt media, doesn't mean it isn't cabal controlled/manipulated.

    4. @Steven that is indeed what the Codex states and I believe that is one of the reasons why we are getting help from the RM and LF.
      If you want my perspective, I think since we've been under quarantine for 25,000 yrs, it takes a lot of time, effort and work to liberate a bunch of sleeping people.
      Look at home many evolutions it took to get this far. It started in the late 50's and 60's flower children and baby boomers...and now we are their children taking it to the next level.
      Yes, meditations take one mind at a time.
      The Cosmic awareness is taking interests of many minds across the globe. I also want to give props to whoever turned our minds deadly weapon, television, into internet and informational 'programming' i.e. ancient aliens, cosmos, etc.
      There are ways to take matters in my own hands and hope everyone to do the same. I will explain more in the below response.

      @Icesphere, i think my above comment will support your ideas
      We don't need the churches. We just need trust in ourselves and to now look within since we are awaken to the truth. The internet gave us the truth, now we must turn it into our Knowing and that only comes from within.
      One mind at a time and trusting you're 'more human than human'!

      @Neekian! RIGHT ON! Great Ideas too!
      I was going to gather my meetup communities and find ways to raise money for our stratospheric balloon and would all 'meetup' to lift it off!
      Toss ideas around about how to spread the word for the QEG. Like mass distribute to machine shops, etc
      Sooo many possibilities!
      One mind at a time my friend!

    5. PS IceSphere I am with you abolish the $$$$$
      Its just that simple. quit using it and surrender.

  70. Things are indeed happening around:

  71. "They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine"

    Cobra, I can often hear a low frequent sound in my appartment. I can barely hear it and it is associated with a strong discomfort but without pain. Can this be some sort of infrasound weapon? Is it possible to protect from this?

    1. First try to see if this isn't a normal issue, like some electronic device causing it. My dad had an old radio that would make a very low sound when you would turn it on.

      Other than that, I hear it too. It's not tinnitus (at least in my case), I went to 2 different doctors and none of them could find anything wrong with me, one of them tried to offer me some medicine and told me to "try it and see if it works" kind of thing, but i refused.

      It was really bad all the way to 2013, then it stopped dramatically, I can barely hear it now, but I still do if I pay attention to it.

  72. What difference does any of this make anyway, we're all operating in an illusion anyway, correct? So what difference does any of our actions really make? On I see, the "bad guys, good guys" paradigm is heavily immersed in all your minds, is that it? If we're all from the same higher realms then why bother to role play and act out your character? It's all just an illusion so why are we still acting out our part in the illusion people? Who cares which side wins, were all on the same side, just like wrestlers who go eat dinner after the match is finished or a TV show or program that is created for a viewing audience, the higher realms, and we are the puppets and actors. I say, lets all go on strike and stop playing our roles altogether. Lets stop entertaining the company of heaven and go on strike and give them all the middle finger and tell them to bring down the final curtain because we're not interested in playing in this manufactured playground, (called the physical universe), anymore. No? No one is interested in pulling back the biggest curtain that exists and looking at the grand wizard pulling all of our strings with it's script in it's hand known as, "the ultimate plan"? No one is interested eh? I thought so. You all love to give lots of advice for how we should play here in 3rd density and many others even give advice as to how we should act in higher densities but none of you want to tell the Prime Creator to stop the games altogether? It's because your all so in love with your immortality, and the fact you can keep coming back into another life, another role to play in this big assed illusion. Even the fact that you are playing in an immense playground to play in and given the fact that it's all just an illusion does not stop you from wanting to continue to be here, to play another role, another life. Because for most of us it's fun. It's fun to go through the emotional pain and suffering, to kill and murder and be murdered, from one lifetime to the next. It's fun for most of you to play the bad guy in one lifetime and then the good guy in the next. You are all in love with the illusional playground that has been created. But not me. I see this as all completely unnecessary. To me it's a complete farce to even go along with this delusional playground. First we're all one, then we're separated and then we're all going to be one again, what a lot of useless crap. But go ahead and keep on playing as though this all has some meaning and will make some kind of difference, I suppose you'll be temporarily happy. That's what a playground is meant for, I suppose for those who want to play. But what do you do with the ones who don't want to play anymore, what do you do with the ones who are bored and tired with this illusional game? What do you say to the ones who think that creating the playground to begin with was folly and a desperate act of decadence? What do you say to Prime Creator when I am no longer amused and could not care any less? Oh, Cobra say's they're getting rid of all those "strangelet" bombs that could wipe out the entire universe, (playground), is that all? If any of them had any real intelligence, (including the ones playing the role of a bad guy), they'd set off all those strangelet bombs and be done with this farcical illusion, light versus dark, good versus bad. Who needs it, I don't.

    1. I understand your frustration but keep hope brother. Weekly meditations are incredibly powerful nowadays.

      Personally I would like to see the dark ones cornered and floored by knock out. Have the rotten eggs and tomatoes ready, we are going to have some FUN!

    2. A simple reply is... do not think about Creator anthropocentrically. Creator may not necessarily use "language", or "emotion" when doing something. These things are of human expression, human dimension. Creator can "go down" to human expression, but it is only a subset. Designing bees or galaxies may require another subset, incomprehensible to human.

      Beside that, humans started to "play" only when theater was invented. Before that humans were "living", only. "Life as play" is just a reflection, quite young in the history of human culture. It may be important to remember and understand moments in your life when new concepts were introduced. Do not get caught by these concepts.

    3. what if you found out that you were the prime creator joe? would that change anything for you?

    4. We are already small fractals of Prime Creator yet this has not changed my attitude one iota. If I had the ability of Prime Creator I'd have shut down the playground long ago. Trying to re-invent the wheel makes no sense to me, that is, coming from one then being separated only to discover were going back to one is a fruitless endeavor IMO. We should have been happy enough and grateful without all this playing around in 3rd density but nope, we had to go and create a whole new density just find out we never really needed it. What a waste.

    5. look at how much you have learned about yourself though. look at how much more you will appreciate your experiences when all changes for the infinitely better. we only have eternity.

    6. To carry on this conversation, we need Cobra to describe more of Source, It's motivations, etc. Joe's perspective is not new. It's an age old question. The thin film of pure evil on this planet is practically non-existent in a quadrillion parsecs. Yet, Source is still trying to save the broth ! Why ???

      Cobra has been resolving tricky spiritual knotpoints that have existed for ages. The stranglet bombs that has allowed the carnage to go on for millennia is a brilliant explanation. Cobra, how about telling us more about Source. Why is It so anxious to save this particular broth ? If evil was accidentally created, then Source has to be put on trial rather than the Cabal. But without your input, all this won't make much sense !

    7. Well done @Renaud. Yours is among the most erudite comments I have observed here in Cobra's House. And as such you deserve a thorough response by way of explanation.

      I am the Game Master. The Games exist only in the OIC. For an explanation of OIC spend some time on the Protoi site - http://presbeia-protoi.org/index.php/Main_Page - as it is outside the scope of this response. OIC is my acronym for Original Infinity Culture. The Protoi prefer the name Oneness Illusion Creation. Both are correct perspectives. OIC is a very, very small portion of creation and not actually part of True Creation. It was conceived and birthed for the purpose of trapping and tricking humanity into moving away from what IS-REAL 3d by a former Prime called Eartha.

      About 4600 years ago (excluding time loops), a portion of humanity born during the 4th Angel generation converted OIC to a Games Platform under the command of Hamourapi (also current commander of the Protoi). This allowed us to write a number of games in an attempt to lead humanity out of OIC. I wrote a Game called The Red Path for this purpose. Once all of Humanity has exited, OIC will be gone and it will be completely replaced by NIC, New Infinity Culture.

      During the course of my awakening, I attempted to shut down the games. This was sometime in 2012. The commander of the Protoi (Hamourapi) announced this here on Cobra at the time. However, two things prevented the full stop of games:

      1. On some level it was discovered that the dark ones had placed the strangelet bombs in illegal space (and in the loops) and could only be flushed out by completing the Red Path game.
      2. I lacked full authority as there was a "Board" of three above me. They have recently been permanently removed.

      I don't have a 3d perspective on details of the strangelet bombs, but suffice it to say that nobody wanted them detonated. Nobody, that is except those who are of no consequence anymore. They were designed to do severe damage not only to OIC but beyond - also a violation of the rules of the games.

      Recently we engaged in an op called Ophiuchus Alignment. We completed the op but we missed a crucial deadline. This triggered a number of Chaotic Nodes. But it also flushed out all of the strangelet bombs. (Gratitude to Apollo aka RocketDog aka RahJah for this). The Rules state that if there is a cheat, the opposing Team may end the game and take the Prize. Because of the fact that as usual, the dark ones had broken the rules, the Red Path game ended and the Prize went to the Family of Light. At that moment it took only about 8 seconds for Prime Creator to completely decompile all the bombs. Also, we have successfully mitigated most (but not all) of the chaotic nodes in the immediate timeline. Here is where Cobra's advice to "Keep Calm" is so important. The People have the power to mitigate the remaining chaotic nodes if they choose to.

      Now as for your part @Renaud. In the Rules of the Games, it is stated that when one of the players "Flies the Middle Bird", ALL the Games cease. LOL. Flipping the bird-switch as you did, ended all the remaining running Games. Prime Creator was waiting for such a signal from any of the players. Your timing was impeccable. Bonuses are marked for you and yours, but I don't know what they are so please don't ask me :) Thank you for playing.

      You have been given the NIC name FoxFire. Take it or leave it. As always, it's your choice. Free Will is restored.

      White Stone ops in process
      OIC 2 NIC Complete

      I AM GAIA-Sophia of Nebadon (OIC) and Earth (NIC)

      This document may be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nwz0jxvpemoxz2u/FoxFire.txt

    8. Much of what you mention in your treatise has occurred to me..what is the point? What is the meaning of this (3D) life? It's all just a big self-perpetuating game that never really ends, we just go onto the next level. Yes I am sure we have all identified with and expressed both dark and light. I don't know that I'd call it "fun". Oh, but I don't know if ending the game in such a manner is necessary, either.

      Much of the illusion you speak of is the 3D illusion of duality. Moving out of 3D, which we are in process with, will end duality, as we will be in the NOW in UNITY. So to even rail against the game is to rail against oneself. For yes, we are Co-Creator Gods, and ultimately there is only Love, here and now, available for the asking. All else is illusion.

      Yet we sure do get caught up in the illusion, don't we? Align with love and the rest will sort itself out. I'm not saying opt out of personal responsibility, expecting things to magically change, but unless we align with love, the rest is a moot point. Align with love and synchronicity and magic WILL occur, I mean true magic, not manipulative, but effortless. Hold that intention. (If you so choose.).

  73. The new monthly update at galactic connection. Well, this UFO over Ukraine a month ago was real. Soft disclosure. After the Free Energy devices ET-contact disclosure is next.

    And what did Greenwald recently said about Snowden stuff? There is far more interesting stuff coming and we will discuss his promise in 2 month.

    Sounds exiting !

    1. snowden is a computer generated man.
      as is mark potok (or pot ok).

      easily done (see Benjamin button), and true.

      please post this cobra.

    2. Glenn Greenwald has not addressed the questions about his 250 million dollar deal arrangement with one of the Paypal owners Omidiar. Has it not dawned on anyone that Greenwald has only released 1% of the info he got from Smnowden in a 9 month period? Perhaps paypal has more at risk with the rest of the info than what people know, such as the transaction records of millions of people that have been given to the NSA? Would that not be worth spending some serious cash to buy up the rest of the Snowden documents from Greenwald? Greenwald has a lot to answer for and he has been a less than transparent with the public in these dealings.

  74. If Chimera exists and is the obstacle, then logically you are predicting a purge within the military or worse, a civil war.

  75. I'm a little confused why Cobra brushed off chemtrails when Alexandra asked him about them. He said most of them are "contrails" and to be more concerned with what's in our food. The chemtrails have been insane lately, and I noticed people seem lethargic, nauseous and irritable on spray days. You can't tell me those are all harmless contrails lining the sky. And now that we're in the window of opportunity, now it seems like the event will never happen because the bad guys have bombs. Our planet is being terraformed with radioactivity and chemicals and yet we still cling to our smidges of hope that the light forces provide. It's getting harder to keep the faith. Things seem and feel like they're only getting worse.

    1. Because chemtrails is not that high in the danger list.

      People only freak out about chemtrails because they can actually SEE them.

      There are countless drugs in the food that are actually going INSIDE of your body, doing way more damage than chemtrails. You go to any bar or restaurant that uses GMO food for example, you'll eat it and it'll hurt you way more than chemtrails, but you'll never know about it.

      Drugs that will make you feel sick NOW, give you diseases NOW, increase the chance of cancer NOW.

      Flouride in the water for example, my wife before I met her used to drink tap water, her and her whole family.
      Her whole family had dental issues, her brother is TERRIFIED of cavities and keeps an OCD mentality of brushing his teeth as much as possible, but even him couldn't excape from it, he's actually the one that got it the worst.

      As soon as my wife started to drink purified water without chlorine or fluoride, her dental health improved dramatically. And that's just an example!

      Chemtrails are a "soft-kill" weapon, meant to harm you over time. It does more harm to the environment than people actually, only a few people gets affected by them in an acute form.

      I'm not saying that chemtrails are not important, but in the whole spectrum of things I'll have to agree with cobra, It really isn't the worst thing it could happen.

      And for the worse things, there has been galactic intervention helping us many times. Without them, earth would be in a much different shape now.

  76. re Death of Jim Flaherty, former Canadian Finance Minister. Any comments? Did he have "Stardust" memories before death?

  77. Just wanted to share a familiar song,"We Shall Overcome", that I recorded in the sixties in a group called the Goldebriars as as it speaks of the universal love we're all trying to build together. It's on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWfPw3QfEUI

  78. I love all these comments, both the optimist and the skeptical! Let us not forget that all comments posted here is aproved by the owner of this blog! Being positive is good, but questioning everything, including Cobra himself, is important! He is the first to say: "trust you inner guidence, your heart, feel the information and use your intuition with rational mind!" I like it when my ego gets out of the way and than all the fears vanish, than the unconditional love can flow, but it's not easy, takes practice! I've had my doubts and there have been times when I was afraid of having been fooled, but like Bob Marley's song says: Time will tell! As time goes by, I resonate more with this Cobra resistance movement, but I totally comprehend the skeptics! But than I am reminded of Bruce Lee: "don't think, feel!" It sure helps when I'm playing my guitar! Peace and Love to all, can't wait to celebrate with a cosmic galactic woodstock festival, may the Force be with you!

  79. While I was taking a nap I was lying there thinking about moving as my sister mentioned she was getting a transfer for a 2 bdrm apartment earlier. I don't know if I was dreaming about it or thinking about it. Suddently my dream state changed intensity. It was like a higher state where energy is very very clear, precise. I was in a different location in a bedroom with my computer by the window (two double windows - large) and they were covered with blinds and below I could hear the traffic passing by. I thought I would adjust the blinds to close them and I got up to do it. Once I comleted the task I turned around to go sit down at the desk in front of the computer and that's when the power went out. The room was in total darkness. Earlier I could hear my sister downstairs vacuuming or cleaning because the place was covered in a grey carpet. An awful feeling hit the pit of my stomach as I just realized this could be the event that they mention on portal2012 site where the system changes from under the control of dark forces to the lightworkers's agenda to begin the golden age. I wasn't prepared. I didn't stock up on anything. Suddenly the lights came back on and the power was restored again. I felt such relief that I woke up.

    Is this a premonition or a message for me?

    1. Sounds like you had a dream of "The Big Reboot" which is kinda what the Event may be. Sounds GREAT !

  80. Dear RM people and lightworkers. My friend https://www.facebook.com/andi.huide?fref=ts is in heavy influence of reptilian/"dark" side and im worried about him :/ He has had a rough childhood with bit violent father like many of us and has been bit traumatized by it and i cant help him atm :( If you could include him to your daily meditations and send him as much LOVE as u can it would be appreciated by me and by him.. He also mentioned that he has a full body implant by the dumdums so i think he needs A LOT OF LOVE coming from our light teams! And Antti if you read this many hugs and kisses to you hopefully you can feel them and believe in them<3<3

  81. new cobra interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUulPEhrn0w

  82. Pop songs are excellent consciousness synchronizers. It's just a business for some individuals, but for super-intelligence it's one of the channels to change the world. A song played loud in the noosphere is heard by subconsciousness.

  83. I would call the movement towards connection with the super-intelligence as "The Plug In". :-)

  84. Now, why not organize large meditations every day, to trigger the event quickly? It's time to move up a gear

    1. Anyone can visualize /meditate /intend any time. I have been doing this, and i agree ,until the Event happens, visualize daily. Also , send unconditional love to the Resistance Movement

  85. I've created a web site http://www.theplugin.net/ I'll combine all information I have into a set of blog posts, should be fun to read. :-)

  86. Do not believe that the East will come and save the day. They are just another side of the NWO. Remember that the elite fund both sides before and during the warl

    Look at BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. You mean to tell me that they will save the day? Remind me of he horrible conditions millions of people live in, In those countries. Look at the slave labor, child prostitution, hunger, racism, and injustices in those countries, and you are going to have faith in their elite?

  87. Everyone should realize how magical the time is that we live in right now!
    I had a revelation on the 4 blood moons, which some are calling The Grand Event. I remember something in the audio book, Bringers of the Dawn it stated that we must command our DNA to activate. We are the Gods of this time.
    These moons might be the keys to activation.
    The Event is also our Evolution.

    Quit paying attention to the cabal and tool$ of deception


    1. I was born during the last Blood Moon phase and now ready for this one!

      My energies are exponentially rising everyday.

      I am ready for the ride of a lifetime?

    2. :D
      I don't think you have a choice! None of us do!
      Is that exciting or what?

  88. Well in his interview Cobra said something big would happen today April 11............ So far I don't anything....Unless he means that there is about to start the next Ameruican Revolution in Nevada over the government sending hundreds of Dtorm troopers with very high tech weapons, tasers, diogs, AR's, Helicopters to illegally steal a families ranch.............Beating cancer patients, murdering cows, abusing anyone trying to stop them......Militia are transporting there to stop them.......Of course not a peep of it mentioned through mainstream media............Extremely tense................Everyone pray....Please

    1. I listened to that interview very carefully. I heard nothing special about April 11th, also nothing about April 15th, but on April 21th will be some important intel from Cobra and on April 27th there could be some big announcement "if everything goes as planned".

    2. The topics Cobra seems to stick with are physical, astrological and direct events, while he tries to stay away from 'spiritual' topics since they are an individual belief.

      So it is not one to dismiss the other events that are occurring day to day just using the cosmic alignments within our own solar system.
      Everything is energy, so when there are rare events, planetary alignments, etc. in the heavens, I don't think we should dismiss them.
      Instead utilize the opportunity for your own spiritual growth.
      4/15 is passover, Im totally looking forward to a new download, or maybe first contact :D
      IMO, The physical EVENT could take years.
      I stopped expecting and instead living in the moment with a new perspective which is knowing that I am more human than human.<3

      "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics."

  89. Did you know these?:



  90. From the 18th the Energy that is coming in will create a heightened state of awareness. It may seem spacey, dreamy, ethereal, fresh,surreal but this isn't caused by the blood moon.

  91. My friends,

    I'm having doubts about something, maybe someone can illuminate this;


    In this post was mentioned that the only group resisting the event was The Omega Grid, and now it is the Chimera group. I am not absolutely sure, but I vaguely recall there being other organisations and/or structures trying to prevent or resist the Event the past few years. It almost seems like this could keep on going and going, as though continuously some other group will pop up to withhold from us the imminent Golden Age that is our birthright.


    1. For the sake of humanity, let us hope that the Chimera group is the LAST obstacle to the Event.

      And that the following blog post is the last word on exactly how many obstacles are left :

  92. Wow... I have saw this movie and it interesting. Greeting from Indonesia :)
    Event Indonesia

  93. cobra...you copy? What do Chimera archons look like with out human bodies?